Installing HyperGBM

We recommend installing HyperGBM with pip. Installing and using HyperGBM in a Docker container are also possible if you have a Docker environment.


Python version 3.6 or above is necessary before installing HyperGBM. Here is how to use pip to install HyperGBM:

pip install hypergbm

Note that HyperGBM and its necessary packages will be installed at this time. If you want to install HyperGBM along with dependent packages such as shap, the following way is recommended:

pip install hypergbm[all]


It is possible to use HyperGBM in a Docker container. To do this, users can install HyperGBM with pip in the Dockerfile. We also publish a mirror image in Docker Hub which can be downloaded directly and includes the following components:

  • Python3.7

  • HyperGBM and its dependent packages

  • JupyterLab

Download the mirror image:

docker pull datacanvas/hypergbm

Use the mirror image:

docker run -ti -e NotebookToken="your-token" -p 8888:8888 datacanvas/hypergbm

Then one can visit http://<your-ip>:8888 in the browser and type in the default token to start.